Why Not SQ788

Unregulated Use

SQ788 does not provide any use regulations. A person can have enough marijuana in their home for a whole community and doctors re not required to review use, effectiveness or side affects. A single license is given for unregulated use.

Restricts Local Control

According to SQ788 "municipalities would be prohibited from restricting zoning laws to prevent marijuana dispensaries." 

Provides No Physician Oversight

The only oversight a physician has is with the initial license and renewal which are two years apart. 

Provides Incredibly High Quantities of Marijuana

A person with a license can hold:

8 oz of marijuana loose leaf which is enough marijuana to keep one person high for 7 months all day, every day. 

6 mature plants, enough to harvest 3 lbs of marijuana (according to NORML). That is enough to keep one person high for 42 additional months all day, every day.

4.5 lbs of edibles which today are selling in forms as 70% THC or 5 times the THC of a plant. That is equivalent to over 20 lbs of loose leaf marijuana. Enough to keep one person high for an additional 280 months. 

1 oz of condensed or highly concentrated marijuana which is responsible for none fatal overdoses in California. 

Enough marijuana and marijuana product to keep one person high all day every day for over 320 months or nearly 32 years.

Restricts Employer's Testing

Anyone holding a license cannot be drug tested for marijuana when considering employment no matter the risks on the job. "The initiative would forbid employers, landlords, and schools from penalizing persons for holding a medical marijuana license unless failing to do so causes a loss of benefits under federal law. Employers would be allowed to penalize license-holders who possess or use marijuana while at work."

Marijuana is Dangerous

Like every other drug, Marijuana carries dangers especially to younger users. The adolescents in high school and college carry the highest risk. SQ788 does virtually nothing to protect those most vulnerable and its proponents ignore as "fake news" any study that contradicts their view.